Hair Salon Scheduling Software Free for Use

Our hair salon scheduling software free for professional hair salon and spa is ideal for business owners who run on a busy schedule. Now hair salon owners can relax and concentrate on running your hair care studios instead of chasing customers on the phone. Sign up with AppointMantic to get started

Easy for Owners

All you have to do is sign up for a free membership with AppointMantic to start getting appointments.

Customer Friendly

Allow your customers to select appointment schedule of their liking and convenience instantly.

Intuitive Design

You don't have to be a genius to navigate around our hair salon scheduling software, it's free for use.

Mobile Ready

Easily access appointment scheduling on iOS and Android mobile phones as well as tablets.

Staff Management

Monitor your staff's productivity, assign work or check their schedule right on the dashboard.

Record Keeping

Keep all your earning records at one place, whether it is payment receipts, or refunds.

Why is Your Hair Salon Scheduling Software Free?

AppointMantic has worked extra hard to create the best hair salon scheduling software free for use and try out because we believe in offering value to the small business community. With this booking software you can minimize your online appointment scheduling tasks and save time to concentrate on giving your clients the best look. AppointMantic allows you to schedule appointments online without the hassle which is why we recommend it for you.

How does AppointMantic works for hair studios?

A hair salon scheduling software free for online appointment booking like AppointMantic makes it easy for hair salon owners to connect with clients regardlessof where they or you are. So, even if you're out of the salon running errands, you are notified of appointment bookings as soon as customers book online.

From the client perspective, they don't have to wait for hours due to closing time. Instead, they can sit in the comfort of their homes, use the online hair salon scheduling software free to book appointments instantly.

Easy and convenient for both hair studio artists and clients.

How can a customer schedule appointments online with hair salons?

AppointMantic is a free hair salon scheduling software that lets your hair salon work24/7 without you being there. All your customers have to do is log on our website orapp, navigate to your hair salon business page, select a convenient time that is available and book an appointment. A confirmation email alert will confirm that theirappointment has been received by the hair salon owner.

Why does your appointment scheduler keep asking for my business contact information?

A hair studio business page is like a shop window for you. You have to provide maximum information about your services, time slots, location and similar details tocustomers for them to make a booking decision.

Rest assured, all confidential business information are private unless you allow us todisplay. We do not share your information with anyone else. You can read more about it on our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Do I need tech experience to operate your hair salon scheduling software free for online booking?

Not at all. We understand hair salon owners are busy people so we've made online appointment scheduling easy to use. You don't need to have high-tech knowledge to use it. All you have to do is plugin information about your service, pricing, and time slots available for booking.

Our online hair salon booking software is intelligent and can determine which ofyour appointments have been cancelled, time slot available, and move your schedule accordingly so you will always have a full day booked. All this at a click of a button.

My website works fine, why should I subscribe to your membership?

AppointMantic hair salon scheduling software free for studios and artists works better with your website because it allows you to integrate the scheduler into your web page. This way you can schedule appointments via your website as well as on AppointMantic business page. Our automatic scheduler is ideal because you will always get alerts for new appointments, cancelled bookings, and rescheduled appointments.

How will AppointMantic help boost marketing for my hair studio business?

The best part about AppointMantic is that we have thousands of businesses already signed up with us. We regularly campaign for new sign ups and help boost their marketing efforts by giving exposure to their business via social media, newsletter, and different channels. This way you get free marketing for your hair salon.

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