Free Online Meeting Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Never miss a meeting again

Free Online Meeting Scheduling Software That’s Effective

Starting out as a business owner or you are already an established entrepreneur, you need to be on top of your game to meet clients, vendors and stakeholders. You don’t want to miss an important meeting just because you lost track of the time. In comes our free online meeting scheduling software which is not only effective but free! Here’s why you should sign up with AppointMantic:

Always On

Since it is on the web, our free online meeting scheduling software is always on for you and customers to access anytime you like 24/7.


There is no mismanagement of meetings anymore. Get alerts of cancelled or rescheduled meetings as soon as their statuses are changed.

User Friendly

Our software design is intuitive and user friendly so anyone can use it to schedule meetings without difficulty.

Easy to Navigate

The simple design allows you to navigate easily from scheduling meetings to tracking and finding reports right on the dashboard.

Track Employees

Assign staff work, schedule meetings or track their customers, AppointMantic helps you track employees’ productivity.

Real Time Reporting

Get productivity reports in real time – how many meetings you’ve attended; how many was rescheduled; how much you earned etc.

Why is Use a Free Online Meeting Scheduling Software?

It’s reliable, effective and helps you organize your day without missing a beat. With AppointMantic, you can take charge of your meeting scheduling in your own hands. You don’t need to hire an assistant or even do it yourself. Everything is automated so you can relax and concentrate on polishing your business presentation, pitch plan or any other business strategies you want to pursue. That’s the benefit having a free online meeting scheduling software work for you.

Is your free online meeting scheduling software really free?

Yes, absolutely. The appointment scheduler tool is at its beta phase which is why it is free for now. You can use the tool for as long as you like and for scheduling any number of meetings. All we ask in return is give it a thumb up.

How can a customer schedule appointments online with hair salons?

AppointMantic is a free hair salon scheduling software that lets your hair salon work24/7 without you being there. All your customers have to do is log on our website orapp, navigate to your hair salon business page, select a convenient time that is available and book an appointment. A confirmation email alert will confirm that theirappointment has been received by the hair salon owner.

How can I access the online meeting scheduling software?

Getting started with AppointMantic for meeting scheduling is easy. All you have to do is sign up for an account, add company or personal information, and start scheduling.

On your dashboard you’ll see an easy-to-navigate calendar as well as quick links to notifications, contact list, reports and task list. Just click on any to start using our free online meeting scheduling software to start the smooth journey of successful business meetings.

How can my clients use the free online meeting scheduling software?

Just give them the link to your business profile on AppointMantic. They can select the time and date they want to schedule or reschedule a meeting. A notification will be sent to you about their booking and you’ll be alert of it when the time comes for the actual meeting.

Why does the meeting scheduling software require my business information?

When you sign up with AppointMantic, a personal or business page is created so your customers or clients can view your individual calendar schedule.

It’s good branding practice to have all reachable business information listed to help customers find you, regardless of whether they do business with you at that moment or not.

Some information that will present you as an authentic and trustable business include logo, phone, address and business hours.

Do not post sensitive information on this page. For further information read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

But I already have a website why should I use AppointMantic?

No doubt, your website is the center for all your online marketing efforts. It’s where you convince customers and get the leads. However, what happens after you get them on board? You’ll to need to meet to do business with them. For this you need a reliable meeting scheduling software that will not fail you when you’re running back to back meetings. Our free online meeting scheduling software helps organize your meetings so you can concentrate on dealing with your clients instead of juggling schedules.

I’m not comfortable using online tools, do you have an alternative?

You don’t have to be a tech genius to use AppointMantic. It’s just click, click, click with your mouse as you would do to send an email to your customers. All you have to do is sign up, add information, and get the free online meeting scheduling software to do the rest of the work for you. When a meeting is scheduled both you and client are notified. When there is a reschedule or cancellation you will be notified too.

Is AppointMantic right for me?

If you are a consultant, coach, fitness trainer, medical clinician, hair salon professional, veterinary, massage and spa center owner, or tattoo artist etc. you’ll find our free online meeting scheduling software the ideal tool to manage your meetings and business smoothly.

With AppointMantic you can:
  • Reduce time taking appointments
  • Reduce time managing rescheduling
  • Reduce time answering phone calls
  • Reduce time managing your income
  • Reduce time assigning and organizing staff tasks

If your tool is free then why do I need membership?

A meeting scheduling business page is created when you sign up with AppointMantic. It contains your business information, contact list, reports, tasks and pricing etc. which are unique to your business alone. To keep this record safe and updated on our database we need you to sign up for a membership so we designate space for storing your information.

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