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Best Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software Online

Starting to grow your small business of veterinary service and running mad scheduling appointments? AppointMantic is here to help solve your problem. That’s right. With our free veterinary appointment scheduling software, you can now automate all your appointments. While you’re away on appointments with customers, AppointMantic will do all the scheduling of new clients, rescheduling and cancellation for you. And the best part is you’ll be able to track all of these activities as they happen, online.

More Reasons Why AppointMantic is the Best Veterinary Software

Time Management

Our software automatically reschedules to complete all your time slots so you never have a no-show or empty time slot again.


You can access your appointment calendar from anywhere with any device and view your schedule at a single glance.

User Friendly

All your appointment scheduling information are on the dashboard where you can navigate with just a few clicks of a mouse button.


You can get reporting of worked hours, earnings, and staff schedules in real time so you’re always on top of your veterinary business.


Organize yourself or your staff by assigning tasks and appointments and never let your staff sit idle again.

Track Income

Keep a track of your earnings as you complete appointments, right there on your dashboard.

The Most Trusted Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Software

One of the most hectic part of running a professional enterprise like veterinary clinic is juggling taking appointments, rescheduling and no shows. For this reason, you’ll love our veterinary appointment scheduling software which offers plenty of options and flexibility for running your clinic.

Can anyone use the veterinary appointment scheduling software?

You don’t have to be tech savvy or even a veterinary to be that matter, to use our appointment scheduling software. The tool has been designed so that even those who are not familiar with online tools can operate.

When you sign up with AppointMantic, you’ll be directed to a dashboard where your calendar is located. Click to add your contact and schedule an appointment for them. Your contact will automatically get a notification of their appointment. If your client finds the time not suitable and wants to reschedule they can immediately do so by visiting your calendar online via any device from any place.

No more calls, no more diaries, and no more missed appointments.

Does the software allow unlimited scheduling of appointments?

The sky is the limit. With our appointment scheduling software you can schedule as many as you like or reschedule them. You have unlimited access to appointment schedules over the digital calendar that comes under your veterinary business profile.

How can I get the veterinary appointment scheduling software?

The veterinary appointment schedule software is free of cost and it is available online on our website All you have to do is sign up with for a membership.

A business profile page is created when you sign up which features your veterinary appointment calendar. Use the calendar to schedule appointments, add contacts and schedule your staff’s work too.

Why do I need a membership to use your appointment scheduling software?

When you sign up with AppointMantic, a separate page that is unique to your veterinary business is created. You can add your business information such as logo, opening hours, location, phone number and website etc. This will present you as a legitimate veterinary business online.

To host all of this, we need to dedicate space and keep it safe online. This is why you need to sign up for membership to access the veterinary appointment scheduling software.

Is AppointMantic suitable for my growing veterinary business?

We are in our beta stage of development which is why we are offering the veterinary appointment scheduling software for free. Our software tool process is capable of handling any size of data storage so you can have unlimited scheduling flexibility whether you’re a small business or growing one.

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