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  • Louisa Johnson

    Fine Style Salon, US

    AppointMantic has really saved my life. As a startup owner I was overwhelmed by the responses of customers and managing the salon at the same time. But with their appointment scheduling software I was able to manage both, and still find time to do my marketing! Thank you! 

  • Rory Nice

    Nice N Spice, US

    I’ve just started using this amazing scheduling app a couple of months ago, and I must say I’m impressed. Life is a piece of cake now, literally (I offer baking services for weddings).

  • Tim Dale

    Shutter Bean, US

    You guys rock! I am so happy that I found AppointMantic when I did. Just a few clicks, and I got my photography studio appointments all sorted out. Thank you so much for such a cool tool!

  • Carol Smith

    EduCare, London

    We would like to let you know that we really appreciate all the hard work you have done on building an incredible scheduling software like AppointMantic. We like the easy-to-use layout, the ability to scale up or down staff members, and most importantly, make bookings easy for our clients. Well done team AppoinMantic!

  • Dr. Jim Sloan


    I would highly recommend AppointMantic to anyone who’s looking for an easy way to schedule appointments online. As a therapist I don’t have the head for complex technologies and I must say this is as easy as it gets. You just sign up, add your services, and start taking appointments online. Fantastic idea!

  • Joel Hoffman


    Hey there! Just wanted to send in a quick word about your great booking app. I run a hair studio, and ever since I started using it, it’s been a breeze handling clients and my employees. Thanks a bunch!

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